Newly Divorced

June 27th, 2016

I had two clients today, both with very different needs.

John stood in front of the mirror, admiring his naked physique. He looked toned; his chocolate-brown skin looked as though it had been oiled, but that was the natural patina of it. He was lush in every sense of the word; outgoing, friendly and with a strong sense of self-worth as a budding actor. His speciality was to massage his penis until he was ready to push it between my breasts. As he moved, I held his huge buttocks tight in the way he liked. He always liked to come like that, with his cream spouting over my neck chest and my chin. He liked to position the mirror so that he could watch himself come. Today he could see perspiration running down his honed chest as his workout progressed. The finale was spectacular and projectile. It was an easy encounter, with no issues. He’d explained his girlfriend wasn’t well-endowed, so this was his treat every now and again.

After a shower, Richard was next.

Newly-divorced, witty, and slightly paranoid Richard had gotten rid of his PA, after she had seduced him and threatened to tell her husband. Richard was worried until I reminded him that she’d put on her application form that she was widowed. What was all that about? He managed to tell her she had not passed her probation period after lying on the form. After that help, I was now in favour, and his office was where we conducted our business.

After I had weaned him off his mobile phone, I rubbed his buttocks with massage oil, concentrating on pleasuring him in a very sensual way. When Richard turned over, he was erect, so the rest was easy. He liked me to slowly suck his balls, so I happily obliged, until the sensation of my tongue threatened to send him over the edge. I trailed my lips over the base of his cock upwards, tracing his pronounced vein, until I reached his tip. I mounted him, feeling his excitement grow with every thrust. My breasts bounced and that turned him on hugely. He watched them, until he finally closed his eyes and grunted.

On the tube home, I knew that I enjoyed that feeling of giving someone pleasure, even if it was at a fairly basic level. It was a role which would not go out of fashion!