Cherry Red Lip Gloss

April 14th, 2016

Sasha booked me in for the period of cover I had offered to help her with. Bearing in mind she was only going on her maternity leave in twelve weeks, she was good at planning ahead and none of the London escort girls on her books wanted to be stuck in the office manning the phone. Then she looked at me curiously. “I thought you might be packing this in!” I eyed her back. “I’m not pregnant, nor am I in a position to think about doing my soft furnishings business full-time, Anyway, I thought you had someone employed to do the bookings, so have you?”

Sasha shook her head. “He is, but only for a day per week now. I do the rest of the work as I know the clients better than anyone else.”

I wondered about what she had said, until I viewed the dessert list. “I just so need a strawberry sundae,” I said, licking my lips. “Are you hankering after anything odd yet?” I was referring to her cravings – dark chocolate and a London special chicken curry had been two of her favourite craving during the previous pregnancy.

On my way home, I wondered about the conversation. I hadn’t realised Josh had dropped a day of work with Sasha. I would ask him about that at some point. I pulled my bag closer to me as I passed a group of young boys, who were staring at me. As I did so, I caught my nail and it broke. That was no good! I was meeting a client for a dinner party later. I hurriedly rang my nail artist, Natasha, and asked her if she could fit one of her favourite London escort girls in at short notice.

“I would be so appreciative. I need to go to a dinner party, so any re-jigging would be worth your time.” I always tipped her heavily!

Natasha hesitated. “Look, you live near me, so how about I pop round at six. That’s all I can do.”

Thank goodness, she could!

Later on, I pulled out a Valentino cocktail dress I had been given as a present from an Arabian client. There was no exclusivity clause for just wearing it purely for his benefit, so I’d had it dry-cleaned, and then found my matching heels. Wearing my hair up with slides and letting tendrils fall sexily around my face, I was almost ready to head out. All I needed was a dash of ‘Touche Éclat’ under my eyes, a dab of blusher over my finishing powder, and a layer of cherry-red lip gloss to match my dress and heels.