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February 3rd, 2016

foursome tag

My shuddering had stopped and I was still stark-naked as Paolo went to the restroom, carefully locking the door behind him. I walked over to Javier, and smiled at him. He was now stroking Sonja’s reddened buttocks, and I could see her pussy was juicily wet. Wow she’s hot not many London escorts look anywhere near as sexy as her. I could not help but to whisper in his ear.

“Would you like to screw Sonja whilst I suck her clit? She’ll come around you so tightly, it will be worth it.”

Javier nodded, but pulled me down to whisper in my ear. I nodded at his request. As Sonja stood up, with my help, I unzipped her dress and helped her to take her bra off. Without any notice, I bent her over and Javier slipped off his boxers and I positioned myself underneath. I did not look in her face, but she knew I was about to give her a good tonguing.

I started to lick her, feeling hr juices spread over my face. She was soon gasping, and I moved with Javier as his cock was so near to my face. I reached around and gripped his balls in one hand. I could feel the energy build up and Sonja started to shout out as her clit hardened and I stayed put, with my lips around her bud, letting her feel the benefit of her climax and OMG did this horny escort know how to cum.

This session was not over, yet. Paolo was back, I think he was on the phone to his London apartment and had another erection. This time, he beckoned me to bend over, whilst Sonja returned the favour and bent down between my legs in front of me.

Paolo entered me slowly knowing I was ready for him. Javier fondled my breasts as he stood over Sonja, with a hand stroking his own cock again. Sonja’s mouth was as gentle as mine had been, but I knew I would not last very long.

This was so sexy, watching Javier masturbating and fondling my breasts; his brother slowly screwing me, and a light, female tongue on my clit. I felt my knees start to buckle and Paolo’s breathing became harsher as he speeded up.

Soon, we were sated, for now. Sonja’s cheeks were quite red and as we left she disclosed something. “That’s the first time a girl has gone down on me and vice versa. It was rather nice.” I took her hand and squeezed it. Soon she would be booking female clients as well as male.

For now I was in need of a glass of wine.